Introducing – the Communication Center

One of the big reasons cloud software is simply better than regular old installable programs is the fact that updates and upgrades to the system happen seamlessly and require no effort on the user’s part. And since one of our main goals is to implement customer feedback and to keep improving PracticeDent, we are happy to present

The Communication Center

This is the first implementation of a complete messaging system within the PracticeDent platform. Up until now, you could simply exchange quick messages with your colleagues via the internal messaging system (the chat), or send texts (SMS) to your patients from specific places within the app.

We have now introduced a more thorough system, which lets you view all incoming* and outgoing messages in one place – including e-mail, SMS (and soon – documents, prepared for snail mail). This can be found under the Communication item in the main menu, which has replaced the previous Recycle Bin item (Recycle Bin can now be accessed via a trashcan icon in the right section of the main menu).


From the Communication section, just click the “Compose” button to create a new message – be it e-mail or SMS. Additionally, every message, no matter whether incoming or outgoing, can be associated with a patient, an insurer, a laboratory, or a team member from your practice. This is done by simply clicking the “Associate” link on the lower end of the message window, and then following the instructions.


IndicatorsMessages can be marked with one of the sixteen (for the time being) indicators. They are split into a simple grid: the rows represent the connection of the mail to a patient, insurer, lab or doctor; while the columns represent whether it’s a general email, or a request, a denial or a confirmation.



Once a messageis associated with, say, a patient, you can navigate to the patient’s profile, then to the “Communication” tab, where you will see all the associated messages, as well as the attached files from them (which you will see under the “Files” section, in a folder called “Attachments”).

Patient - Communication

What is more, messages, associated with patients, can actually be further associated with the patients’ treatment plans, invoices or calendar appointments.

* In order to use the complete functionality of the Communication Center, you will have to download and install the PracticeDent Plugin. The Plugin provides a constantly growing set of features (such as incoming email and X-Ray integration), and we will tell you all about it in our next article.

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