The Medicloud universe – SaaS for the dental community

Medicloud Universum
Das Medicloud Universum – For the whole dental community

Practice Management, Laboratory Management, B2B-interfces, Analysis tools and patient information systems are software products that are put to a daily use within the dental community.

The digital dentist tools – Medicloud!

The dental community is a network of mostly small companies and individuals. The market players interact a lot, and are in the need of easy-to-use and versatile tools. As a cloud-based platform with a community-oriented development, it’s our passion to develop and launch such tools. We want to connect the dental community world wide.

PracticeDent – The practice management.

As a dentist, dental hygienist or dental surgeant you can manage your whole studio or clinic with PracticeDent. It lets you manage patient data, anamnesis information, clinical histories and notes. With the communications-frontend of PracticeDent a few clicks are enough to take care of even the most complicated correspondence, wheter it’s letters, recall-sms or e-mails.

The X-Ray integration in PracticeDent is compatible with VDDS, DICOM, and several proprietary formats. PracticeDent integrates seamlessly into your practice infrastructure and supports you in your on-chair and off-chair duties.

PatientDent – The electronic patient portal

PatientDent is the application for patients in the Medicloud Universe. The portal allows the patient to access it’s anamnesis, clinical history and invoicing online. The PatientDent support system is the encrypted communication channel between clinic and patient.

ProductDent, LabDent, AnalyticsDent – Die Zukunft im Medicloud Universum

The B2B-Shop ProductDent, the Laboratory-Manager LabDent and the Analysis-Tool AnalyticsDent are products to come and serve every member of the dental community: Dentists, dental hygienists, dental surgeons, dental laboratories and even dental depots will find their future software solution in the Medicloud Universe.


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