Introducing Tablets in Dental Practices

Today’s technology evolves rapidly. Many dentists are still using outdated and inefficient tools, when they should be really keeping up with the latest developments.

Using state-of-the-art technology can help you achieve a greatest degree of quality patient care. By digitalizing your clinic’s workflow, you will make life easier for your staff, your patients and yourself.

Tablets have become a powerful tool for businesses in many fields, and the dental sector can make great use of these devices as well. With a cloud-based Practice Management Software, you will be able to work even more efficiently using a tablet, having access to all your practice’s information anytime, anywhere.  Not only can you simplify patient forms and record keeping, obviating paperwork and filing, but also use your tablet for patient communication, scheduling appointments, organize your daily visits…

Integrating the use of tablets in your practice will ease the workflow and create a totally mobile and wireless environment. Here is how tablets can benefit your practice:

On the go

With a cloud-based Practice Management Software on your tablet, you can pull out information about your schedule and your patients on the device while on your way to the practice, or check from home the results after a day’s work. PracticeDent has introduced a thorough system, which lets you view all incoming and outgoing messages in one place, including e-mail and SMS. This way, you can stay updated and in touch as much as you like.

In the waiting room

As patients arrive at your practice, your receptionist checks them in with the clinic’s PMS system. While waiting, patients can fill out their information on the tablet. If they have to wait until being treated, they can also use the tablet for personal purposes. The patient can be proactive while waiting, checking e-mails, surfing the internet or reading magazines and newspapers online. Tablets can entertain children as well, as there are endless amounts of apps and games for you to download.

If a patient at reception seems to be nervous or upset about a treatment, this can be easily reported to the dentist by using the tablet, so he is well aware of the situation. The dentist can as well communicate any issues to the front desk while the patient is in the chair, regarding payment issues, prescriptions and so on.

In the treatment room

In the treatment room, the dentist can display photographs and x-rays in the tablet, informing the patient and engaging with him. The tablet can be used for anything, from recording real-time information about your patient’s treatment to using it as an educational tool, explaining about conditions and procedures. If the patient is nervous, the dentist can show them before and after pictures and guide them through the process. This will make the client more confident and create a relationship of mutual trust and respect, which will make it easy for the patient to accept and follow your treatment advice.

There are many possibilities to implement the use of tablets in your dental practice, creating a more efficient workflow for you and your team members. By combining your tablet with a cloud-based management software, you will provide your clinic with a powerful tool to manage all parts of the practice. The entire PracticeDent platform is fully functional on mobile devices, and the site is 100% optimized for tablets. This technology will improve your productivity, encourage patient engagement and make your clinic stand out from your competitors.

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