Support, the key asset of a practice management software

supportMany factors should be considered when choosing a practice management software. One of the most important points that a person seeking for a software has to pay attention to is the quality of the support.

When making the purchase decision of a management software, the offer of the connected support has to be tested individually.

Reliable system with fast support

You have to ask yourself if the support is offered in your mother tongue, especially when dealing with global providers. The physician and the practice staff should also have a look at the service hours of the support. Is it available during their working hours?

The practice management software of your practice has to be functioning all the time. There is nothing worse than being very busy with work and not being able to access relevant patient information or upcoming appointments. A reliable support that is able to react as quickly as possible is essential. That’s why you should test if the support reacts quickly and regularly and if they prioritize using a problem classification system.

Interactive community for users

What are your possibilities of contacting the support? A professional support has to cover all ways of communication. A support hotline and a support email are the standard channels. A professional software will offer you a user community as well, where users are able to ask and interactively answer questions in the FAQ area. PracticeDent offers this kind of community. It is supervised by professionals, who correct and filter content if necessary.

Furthermore, the community provides user manuals and instructions that makes it easier for the users to navigate through the software. All system updates and upgrades are announced and explained there, and users are informed if they have to download or install plugins and upgrades to be able to use new functions like, for example, the communication centre.

A good support helps with other issues as well

If we are being honest to ourselves, there are a whole lot of potential technical problems that could occur in a normal work day with a computerized system. A good support will also help you with other kind of issues, such as problems with the printer or installing an antivirus software. Naturally, you have to clarify the extra costs you have to face in this cases.

Depending on which software solution you chose, whether it is local or cloud-based, you should get an idea of what a local support at your practice will cost you. Do not forget about the time and travel expenditure.

If your test shows that the support satisfactorily provides the points that are important for your practice, it should be easier for you to make the decision. You should take into consideration that a practice management solution has to cover many different areas and that it is a complex product. That is why a good and reliable client support is important – well, even the key asset of a software.

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