What’s new – February 2015

This is the second release for 2015 which contains new features, program enhancements and bug fixes. As such, the version is stable and is suitable for all users.

1. New Features

Release 1.16 includes thе following new features as:

  • Recall Functionality New Features (All Regions);
  • Communication Functionality New Features (All Regions);
  • Medical Practice Staff Members Access Rights (All Regions);
  • Patient Questionnaire (Swiss Region);

1.1 Recall Functionality New Features (All Regions);

The Recall Section includes the following new features:

  • Deault Recall upon a new patient creation;
  • Recall Summary Tab Redesign;
  • Automatic Status Change (“Open” to “Sent & Pending”);
  • New Filter Options;
  • Recall Grid Improvements;
  • Recall notifications immediately updates in Home page;

1.1.1 Default Recall 

This feature gives you the opportunity to enable default recalls for all new patient profiles (upon profile creation/registration).

Go to Medical Practice —>Settings—>Misscelaneous

1. Adminstrators are able to create such a default recall for the entire practice.
2. In Admin, use the same approach/interface/form as when creating a recall for a patient.
3. The resulting default recall in patients behaves as any normal recall – editable, deletable, etc



1.1.2 Recall Summary Tab Redesign

All recalls are represented as a Summary, as shown below.

All status updates are listed with their icon and recalls number, as shown in the graph

They are clickable: e.g if you click on “Open”, you will get a pop-up list of all recalls that are Open (not yet serviced), etc.

They will be color coded within the next release, as shown below:


1.1.3 Automatic Status Change (“Open” to “Sent & Pending”)

When you send a recall to a patient, the status changes from “Open” to “Sent & Pending” automatically

1.1.4 Filter Options

  • Filter by Recall Status:

If you click on the Recall summary tab on a specific status (e.g “Sent & Pending”) only recalls with this status will be displayed.

  • Filter by Recall Method:

If you select a specific recall method (e.g Email), only patients with that recall method will be visible:



1.1.5 Recall Grid Improvements

Recall grid now contains two separate columns for recurring information (Recall info) and due date (Next recall).


Recall grid has Search (Name, Date, Type and Notes search fields), Order (sorts by the same fields), and a Recall method filter (All / SMS / Email / Phone / Post / Other).


The patient recall grid displays the patient card as a tooltip, on mouse-over:




1.1.6 Recall notifications in Home page appear immediately after being created in patient’s profile

Now the recall notifications in Homepage appear immediately after being created without the need to refresh, as it used to be.

1.2 Communication Functionality New Features (All Regions);

The following new features are now available in the Communication section:

  • Ability to use merge templates; 
  • Display a warning message if sending to more than 10 recipients;
  • Mail Merge – enable merge print ;
  • Templates, Financial – Add “Invoice Date” as a merge field;

1.2.1 Ability to use merge templates

This feature gives you the opportunity to use merge templates when composing a message from the Communication section.

Please notice that a new template category “Mailbox” has been included.

In order to use merge templates, you should have already created a “Mailbox” category template.

Please notice that you can not use templates that are not with “Mailbox” category. To use text templates use the Get and Set text templates button (The green and the orange arrow in the upper right corner of the text field)



1.2.2 Warning Message Notification if sending correspondence to more than 10 recipients

 If the users selects more than 10 recipients and clicks on the  “Send” button, a warning message will be displayed, stating that the operation may not be performed, depending on the settings of the user’s mail client.

(For example, Yahoo mail has a limitation that prohibits you from sending more than 10 messages at a time).


1.2.3 Mail Merge – enable merge print.

This feature gives you the opportunity to print letters with merge fields.

All the letters are prepared and displayed separately in a PDF file format, which can then be printed out.

Step 1: Compose a letter

Step 2: Choose a document template

Step 3: Print



1.2.4 Templates, Financial – Add “Invoice Date” as a merge field 

A new merge field “Invoice Date” is now available for the Financial Templates.

The invoice date is the invoice creation date.

Invoice Date Verified


1.3 Medical Practice Staff Members Access Rights (All Regions);

Access rights to the Medical Practice section for staff members that don’t have a Administrator role have been limited.

This will avoid changes by mistake and adverse ones.

Each staff member (who is not an administrator) only has access to his/her personal profile details, schedule and settings.

1.4 Patient Questionnaire (Swiss Region);

This feature gives you the opportunity to provide your new patient (not registered in PracticeDent yet) with a questionnaire including personal details and medical history. Once the questionnaire is signed and confirmed, the patient’s profile is automatically created in PracticeDent.

Step 1: Go to www.practicedent.com/NewPatient 

Step 2: Log in using your PracticeDent Username and Password, and select language


Step 3: Go through the questions and fill them in;

Step 4: Sign the questionnaire and click on the “Confirm” button to complete the questionnaire;



Once the questionnaire is confirmed, a new patient profile, with the data provided in the questionnaire, is created in PracticeDent.

All contact info goes into Patient/Profile

Diseases and conditions go to Patient/Anamnesis:

All the other details go to Clinical Notes;



The questionnaire is also uploaded as a PDF format in Patient/Communication



2. Enhancements

Release 1.16 includes the following new enhancements as:

  • Patient Search Enhancements (All Regions);
  • Reception/Calendar Save the Selected View (All Regions);
  • Patient Search Enhancements (All Regions);
  • Invoices – Lab, materials prices are exempt from discounts;
  • Remove “0%” discount in the invoice pint-out if there is no discount applicable (All excluding Bulgaria);
  • NZOK New Price List (Bulgaria);
  • Billing Section Enhancements (Swiss Region and Germany);
  • Address of General Practitioner (Doctor) Additional Field (Swiss Region);
  • Materials Enhancements (UK);
  • Custom Procedures VAT Field (UK);
  • Additional Fields in the Patient Profile (UK);

2.1 Patient Search Enhancements (All Regions);

Enable searching by ZIP Code and by DOB

  • the DOB will be typed/searched by, using the date format of the user (e.g. dd/mm/yyyy or dd.mm.yyyy).

Please notice that the full DOB or ZIP Code should be entered in the Search Field for Search results.


DOB Verified

Post Code Verified

2.2 Reception and Calendar: save the selected view for 24-hour or granular calendar (All Regions);

This enhancement gives you the opportunity to save the selected view in Calendar and/ or Reception after logging out or switching on to another PracticeDent sections.

Step 1: Go to Calendar or Reception;

Step 2: Select the desired calendar view ( e.g Granular Calendar);



Step 3: Switch on to another section or log out;

Step 4: Go back to Calendar/Reception and you will notice that the selected view has been saved;



2.3 Home New Columns: Overdue invoices and Incoming Invoices

Two new columns, Remaining (Amount Due) and Invoice Number, have been added in the Overdue Invoices and Incoming Invoices Sections (Home).

The columns are also available as a Search Criteria and in the file export.


2.4 Invoices – Laboratory procedures and materials’ prices should be exempt from discounts

When applying a discount for an invoice that contains laboratory procedures and/or Materials, the discount is not applied to the Laboratory/Material line items. The discount is only applicable to the treatments (procedures).

The above is valid both for the Invoice Layout in PracticeDent and for the invoice printout.

Step 1:Go to Billing;

Step 2: Add a procedure (treatment) and a material;


Step 3: Create an invoice and include a discount (e.g 10%);


The discount is applicable only for the procedure:



2.5 PracticeDent Plugin: Automatic Re-connection (All Regions)

The PracticeDent Plugin reconnects automatically in case disconnection has been detected.

2.6 Remove “0%” discount from the invoice print-outs  (All regions excluding Bulgaria);

If you perform a procedure without a discount, the invoice print-out created will not include the discount field stating that the discount value is “0%”.


 When you print the invoice the “0%” discount is not included in the print-out:



2.7 NZOK Price List Updates (Bulgaria)

Since there are changes in the NZOK price list from 1.01.2015 they have been updated in PracticeDent accordingly.

2.8 Billing Enhancements (Swiss Region and Germany);

There are a couple of enhancements that have been integrated in order to facilitate the Billing functionality.

2.8.1 Payment by Installments serial number

In case a payment by installments has been selected, an installment serial number has been added for each installment in the invoice print out.


2.8.2 ESR/BVR Date and Installment Serial Number Added

In case a payment by installments has been selected using ESR/BVR, for each ESR an installment serial number and date has been included in the print-outs.

Step 1: Create an invoice;

Step 2: Select Payment by installments;

Step 3: Click on the ESR button;



Step 4: Open or Print the ESR and you can see that the installment serial number and date are now included;


2.9 Address of General Practitioner (Doctor) (Swiss All)

An additional field: Address of General Practitioner (Doctor) is included into the Patient profile details.


2.10 Materials Enhancements (UK)

There are a couple of  enhancements regarding the Materials section (Medical Practice —> Price List)

In order to access this section you should have an Administrator role, as all other roles can not access this section

2.10.1 Add VAT to Materials

This feature gives you the opportunity to select a materials’ type as follows:

  • Medicine
  • Instrument
  • Labor
  • Material
  • Other


Material Type

2.10.2 Custom Procedures VAT Field (UK)

This feature gives you the opportunity to add VAT for custom procedures.

The VAT options are as follows:

  • Exempt
  • 0%
  • 5%
  • 20 %


2.12 Additional Fields: Occupation, Employer, Employer address and General Practitioner (UK Version);

Four additional fields are now available in the Patient Profile (UK):

  • Occupation;
  • Employer;
  • Employer Address;
  • General Practitioner;




This post is also available in: Bulgarian

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