What’s New – March 2015

 1.New Features

Release 1.17 includes thе following new features as:

  • Recall: Customize Recall Types (All Regions);
  • Long Term Questionnaire Authentication (Remember me) up to 1 week (All Regions);
  • Google Glass Integration (All Regions);
  • Recall: Workflow Changes (All Regions);
  • Reception: Staff Members Color code (All Regions);
  • New Section: Materials (Bulgaria);
  • Patient Profile: New Fields (Bulgaria);

1.1 Recall: Customize Recall Types (All Regions)

This feature gives you the opportunity to create and add your own (customized) recall types.

Step 1 :Go to Medical Practice

Step 2: Go to Lists

Step 3: Select Recalls from the drop-down menu


Step 4:Add a new recall type by pressing the “+” button:


Тest recall

Step 5: Now your recall is visible and can be selected from the Recall type drop-down menu


1.2 Long Term Authentication (Remember me) up to 1 week (All Regions)

This feature, also known as Remember Me, extends the length of the SSO session beyond the typical period of hours such that PracticeDent Questionnaire users can go days or up to 1 week without having to log in to CAS.  

For those unfamiliar, “Remember Me” is a checkbox present when logging into PracticeDent questionnaire. If checked, PracticeDent will remember the login session for 7 days. If unchecked, the login session will be remembered for only 4 hours. Once a login session expires, PracticeDent will require you to log in again using your credentials 

1.3 Google Glass Integration with PracticeDent

Google Glass are now fully functional.

Each staff member can log in using his/her PracticeDent Credentials.

Go to Medical Practice/Settings/Google Glass and Log In:

Google Glass

Scan the QR Code with your Google Glass and start using them:


After that Google Glas will be linked to that staff member’s profile and will show his/her respective appointments, patient details and etc.

1.4 Reception: Staff Members Color Code (All Regions)

This feature gives you the opportunity to apply color codes for each staff member in your Medical practice.

The color code would help you for easier staff member differentiation in the Reception module.

Step 1: Go to Medical Practice:

Step 2: Create a new staff member or edit an existing one and click on the “Color” button:

You can notice that when creating a new staff member, he/she has not been color coded, so this is an optional field.


Step 3: Choose from the available colors in the palette and click on the “Save” button:

Selected color

Step 4: Go to Reception and you will notice that the staff member’s name has been highlighted in the selected color:


1.5 New Section: Materials (Bulgaria)

A new section “Materials” is now available in Medical Practice/Price Lists.


1.6 Patient Profile: New Fields (Bulgaria)

Three new fields  Health Insurance Booklet Number, Post code and Country are now available in the Patient profile for the Bulgarian region.

This two fields are also available everywhere in the application where address fields are available (e.g Medical practice address, staff members address and etc.)

BG ZIP and Country

A new field “Health Insurance Booklet Number” has been added under the Patient Profile section.

There is a 8-digit check up, as the health insurance booklet number should consist of 8 digits.

The health insurance booklet number is visible on the patients’ documents print outs.

Health Insurance Number

Health Insurance Printout

2. Enhancements

Release 3.15 includes thе following new enhancements as:

  • Recall Enhancements (All Regions);
  • Treatment Plan Enhancements (All Regions);
  • Communication: New Warning Message (All Regions);
  • Medical Practice: Facility Drop-Down New Main Specialty (All Regions);
  • Billing: New Invoice Search Criteria: Payment Method (Bulgaria)
  • Date Format Change (UK)
  • ZIP Code changed to Post Code (UK)

2.1 Recall Enhancements (All Regions)

The following Recall enhancements are now available:

  • Recall Workflow Changes;
  • Recall Summary Tab Color code;
  • Recall Status Updates Changes;
  • New Recall Method:Other;
  • Create Recall – recurring/one-time choice within the same edit window;

2.1.1 Recall Summary Tab Color code

The Recall Summary tab on Homepage is now color coded according to the different status updates;

New options

2.1.2 Recall Status Updates Changes

The recall status updates have been changed as follows:

Pending is changed to Open

Sent is changed to Sent&Pending.

2.1.3 New Recall Method: Other

A new Recall method – “Other” is now available.

You can use this method in case the existing Recall methods ( SMS, E-Mail, Telephone and Post) are not applicable:

Method Other

2.1.4 Recall Workflow Changes 

The Recall workflow has been changed in order to be more user friendly and intuitive to work with.

Now you are able to move a recall status from Open straight to Confirmed/Cancelled regardless the selected Recall method.


Step 1: Go to Home-Recalls and select those with status “Open

New options

Step 2: Select the patients the recalls need to be sent:


Step 3: Press the continue button and select one of the following drop-down options.

E.g “Move to “Confirmed”:

Confirmed recalls


The selected recalls have been moved to status “Confirmed

Moved to confirmed

2.1.5 Create Recall – recurring/one-time choice within the same edit window

Before each new recall led to a fork, where the user should whether it’s a one-time or a recurring recall. This made it too complicated to Edit and change this setting (recurring to one-time, or vice-versa).

This enhancement gives you the opportunity to create recurring or one time recall within the same edit window.

Create Recall

2.2 Communication: New Warning Message (All Regions)

A new warning message is now available when trying to print more than 20 messages.

Step 1: Go to a section where recalls or reminders should be printed (e.g Overdue Invoices).

Overdue Invoice

Step 2: Select more than 20 recipients or messages and click on the “Send” button and select a communication method “Document” from the drop-down and click on the “Print” button on the next screen



Step 3: Now you will get a warning message

Please notice that if you are trying to print more than 20 items you might get performance issues.



2.3 Treatment Plan Enhancements: Implant and Missing Teeth Status Transfer (All Regions)

This feature gives you the opportunity to transfer status Implant and/or Missing Teeth when creating a new plan ( no matter if the plan is Restorative or Perio).

That means the conditions (Implants/Missing teeth) will be transferred from Restorative to Perio and vise verse,

This will save your time for checking and updating those conditions in the new treatment plan

Step 1: Go to Treatment

Step 2: Create a new treatment plan

Step 3: Add a missing tooth and implant

Treatment & Status


Step 4: Create a new plan and you will notice that the missing tooth and the implant will be transferred to the new plan:

As you can see there are two new options (already marked)

Include known missing teeth and implants: This means that next time you create a treatment plan, missing teeth and implants will be automatically transferred to the new treatment plan.

You can of course remove this option


New Treatment & Status

2.4 Medical Practice: Facility Drop-Down New Main Specialty (All Regions)

A new drop-down option “Surgery” is now available in Medical Practice- Facility-Main Specialty

Facility Specialty

2.5 New Invoice Search Criteria: Payment Method (Bulgaria)

A new invoice search criteria field is now available in section Finance- Invoices.

This feature gives you the opportunity to search invoices by their payment method: Cash, POS or Bank Transfer

Payment Method


2.6 Date Format Change (UK)

The date format for the UK regions has been changed to DD/MM/YYYY as requested.

Date Format

2.7 ZIP Code changed to Post Code (UK)

The ZIP Code’s Field Title has been changed to Post Code as requested

ZIP to Post Code


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