About us

Welcome to PracticeDent – the dental practice management cloud platform, powered by Curaden!

PracticeDent is an innovative service, born out of the recent advances in cloud technology and the ubiquity of internet access in our society. It is meant to provide dental practices and professionals with an improved way to manage all aspects of their business, better suited for today’s digital reality.


MediCloud – IT and cloud virtuosos

PracticeDent is developed by MediCloud – an innovative startup with more than two decades of joint experience in IT and cloud technology, determined to bring healthcare management on par with the current level of technological progress, and even prepare it for future improvements.


Curaden – weathered dental expertise

The platform has been acquired by Swiss Group Curaden AG (Curaden) – an established and well-known company with extensive dental expertise, whose OneBox dental management solution has allowed it to provide a robust base for PracticeDent’s further development.


HubSpider – the marketing professionals

PracticeDent’s market development and communications have been entrusted to HubSpider – an contemporary company, founded as the Technical Online Marketing arm for Curaden, providing IT solutions for dental practices all over Europe


We are the optimal mix to bring practice management software to the next level – and serve Europe’s dental community!

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