System-wide update – and how to clear Chrome cache

Dear PracticeDent users,

We have updated our platforms in order to provide some stability and speed improvements. This, however, may cause PracticeDent to appear broken upon login. The solution for this is simple – just clear the cache of Chrome. Below you will see a step-by-step description of how to do this, as well as a very short video tutorial.

  1. Open Chrome
  2. In the address bar, type chrome://appcache-internals and press enter
  3. You will most likely see a list of items, depending on your online activities
  4. Find all items that belong to PracticeDent – they will all be grouped under a blue line reading
  5. Click the link that reads “Remove Item” under each of the PracticeDent items
  6. Once you have removed all PracticeDent-related items, you can log in again


We apologize for the inconvenience!

The PracticeDent Support Team

Scheduled Downtime for Service Upgrade

Dear PracticeDent users,

Our services will be interrupted for about 1 hour on Sunday night (30 October), starting at 22:00 CET.

This is due to a scheduled database upgrade, which will ensure a more responsive service.

Additionally, we will be adding a couple of new features:

  1. Users with administrative permissions will be able to delete payments from the Cashbook.
  2. We have added a new button in Recalls and Communication – “Add Entire List.” This button will make it easier to add entire collections of recipients.
  3. When creating a new appointment in Calendar or Reception, PracticeDent now checks whether the Patient has outstanding Recall notifications. If so, it will allow you to change the status of the Recall notification to Confirmed.

We hope that these improvements will make PracticeDent even better for you!

Financial Status Indicator

We just added a new functionality to PracticeDent! It may look small on the outside, but it is meant to improve the workflow – mainly when dealing with appointments and patient finances.

We are happy to present to you the Financial Status Indicator!

The Indicator resides on the colored Status Bar of the Appointment Cards (in Calendar and Reception), joining the familiar Appointment Status Icon.

Whenever you click on the Indicator, a small pop-over will appear, displaying an overview of the patient’s Financial Status at your practice – overall balance, deposits, uninvoiced procedures, pending invoices and late payments.

You will find that the Indicator has three distinct states:

  • White $ in a red circle: The patient is late with his/her payments to your practice.
  • Orange $ in a white circle: The patient has pending invoices and/or uninvoiced procedures, but no late payments.
  • Green $ in a white circle: The patient has no pending invoices, uninvoiced procedures or late payments.

The New Appointment Popup and the Edit Appointment Popup have been redesigned and now also contain a Financial Status section, displaying the aforementioned financial details as soon as a patient has been selected for the appointment.

We hope you find the improvements worthwhile and enjoyable!

Scheduled maintenance for system upgrade – 11 May 2016, 22:00 CET


On Wednesday, 11 May 2016, at 22:00 CET, PracticeDent, PatientDent and all related MediCloud services will undergo a scheduled maintenance – we will be upgrading our entire system in order to provide an improved experience to our clients.

The upgrade is expected to last at least 4 hours. During the maintenance window, the services will be inaccessible to all users.


What’s New – August

1. New Features

The Release includes the following new features:

  • Patient Profile: Option to associate files with an existing treatment plan  (All Regions);
  • Patient Profile: Option to associate History and Notes with an existing treatment plan (All Regions);
  • Reception: Next visit, multiple reminders (All Regions);
  • Finances, Invoices – Due Date & Reminder Period (All Regions);
  • Finances,Reports – Revenue Breakdown (All Regions);
  • Finances, Invoices -Credit Note (All Regions);
  • Finances, Deposit and Prepayment automatic invoices creation(All Regions except Bulgaria and Italy);
  • Finances, Invoices, Invoices and ESR Mass Print (Switzerland);
  • Finances, Invoices, Invoices, ESR Details added in the invoice (Switzerland)
  • Finances, Invoices: Proforma &Bezahlt invoices (Switzerland)
  • Communication, Address Book, “Versicherer” section moved from Medical Practice, Lists to Address Book (Switzerland) Continue reading “What’s New – August”

What’s New – July 2015, Part 2

1. New Features

The Release includes the following new features as:

  • Patient Profile, Treatment and Status, Procedures, Date Completed (All Regions)
  • Communication, Copy&Paste from external source: Formatting not allowed (All Regions)
  • Online Reservation: Customizable “Reason for visit” field (All Regions)
  • Planner: Public Holidays and Reasons for Absence (All Regions)
  • Finances, Invoices: Bank Information Added in the invoice print-out (UK)

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What’s New – July 2015

1. New Features

The Release includes the following new features as:

  • Finances, Cashbook: Transfer funds from one account to another;
  • Finances: Invoice Mass Printing;
  • Finances, Invoices Possibility to export reports in a CSV format
  • Procedures, materials and invoices: New Fields -List price, Price without discount and total price;
  • Recalls: Automatic change of recurrent recalls from “Confirmed” to “Open”

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Remuneration Module

The “Remuneration” module gives you the opportunity to apply flexible payment methods of managing  the payments of  your staff, consistent with your organization policies and processes.

This module has the following options:

  • Remuneration as a percent or/and  fixed amount before and after discounts;
  • Remuneration as a percent or/and fixed amount individually set for each staff member in your clinic;
  • Remuneration as a percent or/and fixed amount individually set for each different procedure;
  • Remuneration as a percent or/and fixed amount- general for all procedures;
  • Detailed inquiry for all completed procedures according to a selected period and staff member;
  • Detailed inquiry for procedure’s price and total payment due according to the completed procedures;
  • Automatic expense creation and visualization in Cashbook and Expenses;
  • Reports by doctor and procedures;

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What’s New – April 2015, Part 2

This is the fifth and the sixth release for 2015 which contains new features, program enhancements and bug fixes. As such, the version is stable and is suitable for all users.

Release 1.19&1.20 include thе following new features as:

1.New Features

Release 1.19&1.20 include theе following new features as:

  • Documents print outs – signature fields for dentists and patients (All Regions);
  • Home page, Non-Patient Cards (Reception or Calendar) (All Regions);
  • Finances, Reports – “New Patients” (All Regions);
  • Reception: Calendar Field Freeze Pane (All Regions);

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