Scheduled Downtime for Service Upgrade

Dear PracticeDent users,

Our services will be interrupted for about 1 hour on Sunday night (30 October), starting at 22:00 CET.

This is due to a scheduled database upgrade, which will ensure a more responsive service.

Additionally, we will be adding a couple of new features:

  1. Users with administrative permissions will be able to delete payments from the Cashbook.
  2. We have added a new button in Recalls and Communication – “Add Entire List.” This button will make it easier to add entire collections of recipients.
  3. When creating a new appointment in Calendar or Reception, PracticeDent now checks whether the Patient has outstanding Recall notifications. If so, it will allow you to change the status of the Recall notification to Confirmed.

We hope that these improvements will make PracticeDent even better for you!

New Homepage This Week

Our new homepage will be launched this week!


As we wrote earlier, we have been working on a brand new look for our homepage – not simply meant as a refresh of PracticeDent, but rather, a reflection of our new partnership with Dental Tribune International.

Our new login page will be simpler, lighter and more elegant. As always, our current users will be able to log into the service, while new visitors will have the option to register a PracticeDent account (the “Log In” link will be in the upper right).

Financial Status Indicator

We just added a new functionality to PracticeDent! It may look small on the outside, but it is meant to improve the workflow – mainly when dealing with appointments and patient finances.

We are happy to present to you the Financial Status Indicator!

The Indicator resides on the colored Status Bar of the Appointment Cards (in Calendar and Reception), joining the familiar Appointment Status Icon.

Whenever you click on the Indicator, a small pop-over will appear, displaying an overview of the patient’s Financial Status at your practice – overall balance, deposits, uninvoiced procedures, pending invoices and late payments.

You will find that the Indicator has three distinct states:

  • White $ in a red circle: The patient is late with his/her payments to your practice.
  • Orange $ in a white circle: The patient has pending invoices and/or uninvoiced procedures, but no late payments.
  • Green $ in a white circle: The patient has no pending invoices, uninvoiced procedures or late payments.

The New Appointment Popup and the Edit Appointment Popup have been redesigned and now also contain a Financial Status section, displaying the aforementioned financial details as soon as a patient has been selected for the appointment.

We hope you find the improvements worthwhile and enjoyable!

New homepage


We are working on a brand new look for our homepage. This, however, is not simply meant to refresh the look of PracticeDent – rather, it aims to reflect our new partnership with Dental Tribune International.

Our new login page will be simpler, lighter and more elegant, and will, as always, allow our current users to log into the service, while providing new visitors with the option to register a PracticeDent account.

Stay tuned for more!

Intro to the PracticeDent Plugin

In order to use some of PracticeDent’s extended functionalities – such as incoming mail sorting, X-Ray and IMS integration – you will need to install the PracticeDent Plugin. This is a small and lightweight application, whose main task is to help you make PracticeDent play nicely with the pre-existing software and hardware (such as X-Ray, DICOM viewer, IMS programs) on each computer you want to use.

Note that the PracticeDent Plugin is not required – you only need it when you want to be able to use X-Ray integration (DICOM), IMS integration and automatic sorting of incoming mail on a specific computer.

For the time being, the Plugin is only natively available for Windows operating systems. However, while we’re working on bringing it natively to OS X and Linux, it can easily be installed on any OS X and Linux machine with the help of a large number of virtualization programs, such as Oracle VM VirtualBox (free), Parallels Desktop (paid), and others. Continue reading “Intro to the PracticeDent Plugin”

Introducing – the Communication Center

One of the big reasons cloud software is simply better than regular old installable programs is the fact that updates and upgrades to the system happen seamlessly and require no effort on the user’s part. And since one of our main goals is to implement customer feedback and to keep improving PracticeDent, we are happy to present

The Communication Center

This is the first implementation of a complete messaging system within the PracticeDent platform. Up until now, you could simply exchange quick messages with your colleagues via the internal messaging system (the chat), or send texts (SMS) to your patients from specific places within the app.

We have now introduced a more thorough system, which lets you view all incoming* and outgoing messages in one place – including e-mail, SMS (and soon – documents, prepared for snail mail). This can be found under the Communication item in the main menu, which has replaced the previous Recycle Bin item (Recycle Bin can now be accessed via a trashcan icon in the right section of the main menu).

Communication Continue reading “Introducing – the Communication Center”