Halloween Calendar and Schedule Bug

Dear PracticeDent users,

Many of you may have encountered issues on Wednesday, October 31st – some problems regarding Calendar and Reception, as well as working hours and appointment timing. We were made aware of these issues in the early hours of the day.

We would first like to apologize for this major inconvenience to all of you. We do our best to avoid such events, as we know how stressful they may be to you and your work.

What happened is that a combination of generally harmless and unrelated issues coincided with daylight saving time, leading to an unexpected behavior. In some cases, the Calendar was offset by an hour, while in others it was not; at the same time, in almost all cases the November schedule was transferred or duplicated to December.

As you have already noticed, the issues have been corrected. It is extremely important to note that no data has been lost.

It is possible that appointments, which were entered in the system during the day of October 31st, prior to the fix, may have been pushed to one month later than expected. For example, appointments entered for November 5th may appear in December 5th instead. We would advise that you check for this discrepancy.

In case you still experience issues, do not hesitate to contact us at the usual email address: support@practicedent.com


We apologize for the inconvenience!

The PracticeDent Team