Scheduling your time with the Planner

Scheduling an entire practice is no easy task. We have attempted to make it a little less difficult, with our special Planner module. Just look for the link at the top right of your PracticeDent screen, just above your profile picture.

Keep in mind that in order to use the Planner correctly, you should first set up your main Facility details. You can do that from the Practice Cockpit, by navigating to the Medical Practice item in the menu. Here, you should fill out the details about your Staff and Facility – these are the tabs that relate to the Planner. However, we advise you to fill out all information, to make sure all PracticeDent modules and functionalities will work as intended. Continue reading “Scheduling your time with the Planner”

Support, the key asset of a practice management software

supportMany factors should be considered when choosing a practice management software. One of the most important points that a person seeking for a software has to pay attention to is the quality of the support.

When making the purchase decision of a management software, the offer of the connected support has to be tested individually.

Reliable system with fast support

You have to ask yourself if the support is offered in your mother tongue, especially when dealing with global providers. The physician and the practice staff should also have a look at the service hours of the support. Is it available during their working hours? Continue reading “Support, the key asset of a practice management software”

Intro to the PracticeDent Plugin

In order to use some of PracticeDent’s extended functionalities – such as incoming mail sorting, X-Ray and IMS integration – you will need to install the PracticeDent Plugin. This is a small and lightweight application, whose main task is to help you make PracticeDent play nicely with the pre-existing software and hardware (such as X-Ray, DICOM viewer, IMS programs) on each computer you want to use.

Note that the PracticeDent Plugin is not required – you only need it when you want to be able to use X-Ray integration (DICOM), IMS integration and automatic sorting of incoming mail on a specific computer.

For the time being, the Plugin is only natively available for Windows operating systems. However, while we’re working on bringing it natively to OS X and Linux, it can easily be installed on any OS X and Linux machine with the help of a large number of virtualization programs, such as Oracle VM VirtualBox (free), Parallels Desktop (paid), and others. Continue reading “Intro to the PracticeDent Plugin”