New Homepage This Week

Our new homepage will be launched this week!


As we wrote earlier, we have been working on a brand new look for our homepage – not simply meant as a refresh of PracticeDent, but rather, a reflection of our new partnership with Dental Tribune International.

Our new login page will be simpler, lighter and more elegant. As always, our current users will be able to log into the service, while new visitors will have the option to register a PracticeDent account (the “Log In” link will be in the upper right).

Financial Status Indicator

We just added a new functionality to PracticeDent! It may look small on the outside, but it is meant to improve the workflow – mainly when dealing with appointments and patient finances.

We are happy to present to you the Financial Status Indicator!

The Indicator resides on the colored Status Bar of the Appointment Cards (in Calendar and Reception), joining the familiar Appointment Status Icon.

Whenever you click on the Indicator, a small pop-over will appear, displaying an overview of the patient’s Financial Status at your practice – overall balance, deposits, uninvoiced procedures, pending invoices and late payments.

You will find that the Indicator has three distinct states:

  • White $ in a red circle: The patient is late with his/her payments to your practice.
  • Orange $ in a white circle: The patient has pending invoices and/or uninvoiced procedures, but no late payments.
  • Green $ in a white circle: The patient has no pending invoices, uninvoiced procedures or late payments.

The New Appointment Popup and the Edit Appointment Popup have been redesigned and now also contain a Financial Status section, displaying the aforementioned financial details as soon as a patient has been selected for the appointment.

We hope you find the improvements worthwhile and enjoyable!

Introduzione al PracticeDent Plugin

Per poter utilizzare alcune delle funzionalità estese di PracticeDent – come lo smistamento della posta in arrivo, X-Ray e l’integrazione IMS – è necessario installare il plugin PracticeDent. Questa è una piccola e leggera applicazione, il cui compito principale è quello di aiutare PracticeDent a interagire  bene i software e gli hardware precedentemente installati (come X-Ray, visualizzatore DICOM, programmi IMS) su ogni computer che si desidera utilizzare.

Si noti che il plugin PracticeDent non è richiesto – è necessario solo quando si vuole utilizzare l’integrazione X-Ray (DICOM), l’integrazione IMS e smistamento automatico della posta in arrivo su un computer specifico.

Per il momento, il plugin è automaticamente disponibile per i sistemi operativi Windows. Tuttavia, mentre stiamo lavorando per integrarlo su  OS X e Linux, può essere facilmente installato su qualsiasi OS X e su Linux con l’aiuto di numerosi programmi di macchina virtuale, come Oracle VM VirtualBox (gratuito), Parallels Desktop (a pagamento), e altri. Leggi tutto “Introduzione al PracticeDent Plugin”