Scheduling your time with the Planner

Scheduling an entire practice is no easy task. We have attempted to make it a little less difficult, with our special Planner module. Just look for the link at the top right of your PracticeDent screen, just above your profile picture.

Keep in mind that in order to use the Planner correctly, you should first set up your main Facility details. You can do that from the Practice Cockpit, by navigating to the Medical Practice item in the menu. Here, you should fill out the details about your Staff and Facility – these are the tabs that relate to the Planner. However, we advise you to fill out all information, to make sure all PracticeDent modules and functionalities will work as intended. Continue reading “Scheduling your time with the Planner”

Support, the key asset of a practice management software

supportMany factors should be considered when choosing a practice management software. One of the most important points that a person seeking for a software has to pay attention to is the quality of the support.

When making the purchase decision of a management software, the offer of the connected support has to be tested individually.

Reliable system with fast support

You have to ask yourself if the support is offered in your mother tongue, especially when dealing with global providers. The physician and the practice staff should also have a look at the service hours of the support. Is it available during their working hours? Continue reading “Support, the key asset of a practice management software”

Intro to the PracticeDent Plugin

In order to use some of PracticeDent’s extended functionalities – such as incoming mail sorting, X-Ray and IMS integration – you will need to install the PracticeDent Plugin. This is a small and lightweight application, whose main task is to help you make PracticeDent play nicely with the pre-existing software and hardware (such as X-Ray, DICOM viewer, IMS programs) on each computer you want to use.

Note that the PracticeDent Plugin is not required – you only need it when you want to be able to use X-Ray integration (DICOM), IMS integration and automatic sorting of incoming mail on a specific computer.

For the time being, the Plugin is only natively available for Windows operating systems. However, while we’re working on bringing it natively to OS X and Linux, it can easily be installed on any OS X and Linux machine with the help of a large number of virtualization programs, such as Oracle VM VirtualBox (free), Parallels Desktop (paid), and others. Continue reading “Intro to the PracticeDent Plugin”

Introducing Tablets in Dental Practices

Today’s technology evolves rapidly. Many dentists are still using outdated and inefficient tools, when they should be really keeping up with the latest developments.

Using state-of-the-art technology can help you achieve a greatest degree of quality patient care. By digitalizing your clinic’s workflow, you will make life easier for your staff, your patients and yourself.

Tablets have become a powerful tool for businesses in many fields, and the dental sector can make great use of these devices as well. With a cloud-based Practice Management Software, you will be able to work even more efficiently using a tablet, having access to all your practice’s information anytime, anywhere.  Not only can you simplify patient forms and record keeping, obviating paperwork and filing, but also use your tablet for patient communication, scheduling appointments, organize your daily visits…

Integrating the use of tablets in your practice will ease the workflow and create a totally mobile and wireless environment. Here is how tablets can benefit your practice: Continue reading “Introducing Tablets in Dental Practices”

8 Tips on How to Choose Your Practice Management Software

A Practice Management Software (PMS) keeps the medical office running smoothly, but choosing the wrong solution will do more damage than good. Here are 8 tips on how to choose the right PMS system for your practice:

how to choose


    Before you start searching for a Practice Management Software, you should have a clear idea of the needs of your practice. Think about how a PMS system can benefit your clinic, and what features you need to ease the workflow for you and your team.

Continue reading “8 Tips on How to Choose Your Practice Management Software”

Introducing – the Communication Center

One of the big reasons cloud software is simply better than regular old installable programs is the fact that updates and upgrades to the system happen seamlessly and require no effort on the user’s part. And since one of our main goals is to implement customer feedback and to keep improving PracticeDent, we are happy to present

The Communication Center

This is the first implementation of a complete messaging system within the PracticeDent platform. Up until now, you could simply exchange quick messages with your colleagues via the internal messaging system (the chat), or send texts (SMS) to your patients from specific places within the app.

We have now introduced a more thorough system, which lets you view all incoming* and outgoing messages in one place – including e-mail, SMS (and soon – documents, prepared for snail mail). This can be found under the Communication item in the main menu, which has replaced the previous Recycle Bin item (Recycle Bin can now be accessed via a trashcan icon in the right section of the main menu).

Communication Continue reading “Introducing – the Communication Center”

The Medicloud universe – SaaS for the dental community

Medicloud Universum
Das Medicloud Universum – For the whole dental community

Practice Management, Laboratory Management, B2B-interfces, Analysis tools and patient information systems are software products that are put to a daily use within the dental community.

The digital dentist tools – Medicloud!

The dental community is a network of mostly small companies and individuals. The market players interact a lot, and are in the need of easy-to-use and versatile tools. As a cloud-based platform with a community-oriented development, it’s our passion to develop and launch such tools. We want to connect the dental community world wide. Continue reading “The Medicloud universe – SaaS for the dental community”

The Medicloud Story – Team, Spirit, Dentistry, Software

Welcome! We are a small, startup team, an internationally known company Milwaukee Brewers jersey womens in the dental industry – with two decades of experience in dental practice management software.
We are the optimal mix to bring practice management software to the next level – and serve Europes dental community!

Medicloud – The fresh IT-knowledge

Medicloud - The StartupOne day, two years ago, a very talented team of software architects, programmers, designers, software testers and business developers decided to bring health software to the next level. Starting with a practice management system wholesale mlb jersey for Europes dental community. – The Medicloud team was born!

Curaden – Knowledge, tradition, expertise

Curaden IT Solutions The Swiss brand Curaden is a big name in central European dentistry. In the industry since the mid 50ties, Curaden knows the needs of the dental industry. Served by the Curaden Dentaldepot most dentists in Switzerland are satisfied customers.

Curaden has an own IT company – Curaden IT Solutions – which has 20 years of experience in dental IT. OneBox, a well known and appreciated practice management system in Switzerland, is a product of Curaden IT Solutions.


As Curaden is always looking for the best solution for it’s customers, we eventually found Medicloud. – And this was the start of our partnership