Scheduled Downtime for Service Upgrade

Dear PracticeDent users,

Our services will be interrupted for about 1 hour on Sunday night (30 October), starting at 22:00 CET.

This is due to a scheduled database upgrade, which will ensure a more responsive service.

Additionally, we will be adding a couple of new features:

  1. Users with administrative permissions will be able to delete payments from the Cashbook.
  2. We have added a new button in Recalls and Communication – “Add Entire List.” This button will make it easier to add entire collections of recipients.
  3. When creating a new appointment in Calendar or Reception, PracticeDent now checks whether the Patient has outstanding Recall notifications. If so, it will allow you to change the status of the Recall notification to Confirmed.

We hope that these improvements will make PracticeDent even better for you!

What’s New – July 2015

1. New Features

The Release includes the following new features as:

  • Finances, Cashbook: Transfer funds from one account to another;
  • Finances: Invoice Mass Printing;
  • Finances, Invoices Possibility to export reports in a CSV format
  • Procedures, materials and invoices: New Fields -List price, Price without discount and total price;
  • Recalls: Automatic change of recurrent recalls from “Confirmed” to “Open”

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What’s New – April 2015

This is the fourth release for 2015 which contains new features, program enhancements and bug fixes. As such, the version is stable and is suitable for all users.

Release 1.18 includes thе following new features as:

1.New Features

Release 1.18 includes thе following new features as:

  •  Patient Profile: Treatment: Custom conditions – type “Procedure”, ability to select between Defected/Completed status (All Regions);
  •  Allowed Upload File Size Notification (All Regions);
  •  Billing: Invoice installments Print-out (All Regions);
  •  Medical Practice: Staff Members New Roles (All Regions);
  •  Patient Profile: New Field (UK)

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What’s New – March 2015

 1.New Features

Release 1.17 includes thе following new features as:

  • Recall: Customize Recall Types (All Regions);
  • Long Term Questionnaire Authentication (Remember me) up to 1 week (All Regions);
  • Google Glass Integration (All Regions);
  • Recall: Workflow Changes (All Regions);
  • Reception: Staff Members Color code (All Regions);
  • New Section: Materials (Bulgaria);
  • Patient Profile: New Fields (Bulgaria);

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